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pashley tricycle

Performance Cruise in style around town as you remain comfortable all throughout your ride in this easy to use tricycle. There are no gears to comprehend, thanks to its single speed feature. There’s no need for balance either, so no worries. Anyone who can literally hold on to it and reach the pedals can make it run! The trike features a low step-through frame for getting on the trike with ease. The wide handlebars lets you maintain an upright position while you are conveniently seated on the padded spring saddle. The Meridian is built with alloy rims, stainless steel spokes,…


Overall your #1 pick when choosing the best adult tricycle should always be the Schwinn Meridian 26-Inch Tricycle.

Pashley tricycle Overview

Design – 8
Comfort – 7.5
Durability – 6.5
Mobility – 8.5
Value For The Money – 5



Better options available at far better prices but still a nice tricycle from Pashley Cycles.

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Key features

Traditional tricycle frame with stable and upright riding position: an easy to mount/dismount frame with comfortable upright riding position that allows you a good view of other road users and the scenery, and the added bonus of encouraging a healthy posture. The frame is hand-built with an attention to detail that only a frame crafted by hand can possess.

Classic 3 speed tricycle hub gears: The 3 speed hub-gear system provides both easy shifting low range gears and ease of maintenance. The gears can be changed whilst stationary which allows for the perfect getaway from junctions.

Secure parking brake: with an easily accessible activation button on the brake lever, it keeps the tricycle stationary when parked so you don’t need to worry about it rolling away!

Reflectors for added visibility: front, rear, and pedal reflectors all help to keep you safer on the road at night.

Effective front double-braking with hub and caliper combination: this system uses an easily adjusted caliper side-pull brake and a fully enclosed all-weather hub brake which act together to give the stopping power and security that a tricycle needs.

Light-weight, durable mudguards: protect you from mud and water splashes, providing all-weather practicality.

Large rear wire tricycle basket: A capacious rear wire basket with a hinged top which can be locked with a small padlock. This basket is ideal for shopping, gardening tools, or recycling trips.

High-comfort padded saddle: with elastomer springs to help cushion impacts.

Quick-release seat post: Allows saddle height to be adjusted and secured with ease and without the need for tools.

Protective chain guard: a streamlined chain guard that protects you from greasy oil marks, and helps prevent your attire from catching in the chain.

Tyres with puncture protection: With a tyre tread profile that offers good grip and quiet running. Also featuring  an effective puncture protection belt made of natural rubber.

Available colours: Burgundy, Oxford Blue or Black.


  • Can change gears while stationary
  • Sturdy and stable since it is built with safety and made to carry up to 350 pounds of weight.
  • Does not strain and put too much pressure on the hips or back for relaxed cycling and a healthier body with a regular, almost effortless form of exercise.
  • Stylish front and rear fenders and vibrant.


  • Band brake is outdated and could do with being an easier to adjust disc brake.
  • Difficult to assemble, professional assistance almost certainly required which comes at an added cost.


Bask under the warmth of the sun as you take a nice stroll in your neighbourhood! The elements this Pashley tricycle is built with makes it useful even during rainy days as well. You can immediately enjoy your ride on your new adult tricycle without the added trouble of licenses, taxes, insurance problems that arrive with other vehicles.

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